Enjoy the Party Room!

  • December 23, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Yay!  The New Year’s Eve Party Room is now open!  Enjoy yourself at all of your parties, Everyone!   For those of you who were here last year or before, we are doing things just a little bit different this year.  You’ll notice you have your 2017 glasses to wear again from the Costume Box in the Party Room.  After all, it still is 2017, right?   Gus will be handing out the 2018 glasses just a few days before we switch over to the new year.

Let’s ring in the new year with some flare! screen-shot-2017-05-04-at-10-51-42-am

A few helpful hints about the Party Room:

Most of you are seeing the Party Room just fine so you don’t even need to think about these hints.  But a few of you may be getting stuck or see a weird glitch when you change your costume a bunch.  If that happens to you, make sure you do two things:

  1. Only change your costume from the Costume Box one time when you are in the Party Room.  When you go out of the Party Room and back in, you can change it again then. That should help!
  2. If your screen gets stuck, refresh your computer. (Go out of Kart Kingdom and come back in.) 

It’s only 2017 for a while longer. Enjoy your last 2017 parties while you can 🙂


P.S. Gus is giving out a whole bunch of things this next week.  Don’t forget to visit him!  Right now, he’s got an awesome Dapper Hat with a monocle!  (See the picture for this blog post.)  Anybody know what a monocle is?