Desert Dwellers

  • October 17, 2017
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Hi Friends,

Being a reporter, I made it my mission this week to track down the Run-Around Gang.  They are travelers from the desert visiting different parts of Kart Kingdom!

I first met Squawks who didn’t say a word but let his tweeting bird talk for him.  Goldie told me she comes from a long line of fortune-tellers that includes her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great, great grandmother.

The Gent was a scholarly gentleman who absolutely loves growing cactuses.  Sour Sue explained she is a beekeeper, and has her own honey line.  And I had trouble tracking down The Kid, but was told he’s so mysterious that nobody knows if he is a kid or really an adult.

They are heading out of town tomorrow but left you some gifts.   Go to the two new secret codes Morehorses and Wantedhats to see what they left. 


P.S. It’s mid-October.  I wonder what event will be next?