Cowboy hats galore!

  • October 12, 2017
  • Comments : 987

Hi Friends,

Whew!  How can it be that (at the very least) 70 of you already have found members of The Run-around Gang?  Here are only some of you that have found them.

miyacowgirl, elks447, bowl290, davis4771, Hotcoco8, gamegirl65, eggzact, doggy243732, ponypie30, dragon70032, 2leaksavege, 10whitedoves, olive3000, CARMEN22389, cookie12146, elina306, chocochips399, sparkle53063, foxiegirl08, mariaa264, blossom500411, anao808a, janeyt638, MegandJohn, bubby5678, CLare535, wolfpup4512, bcyay, izzymoo123, bella34521, 10Dawson, sunspot447, SHIMMER2988, ReporterRuby, SweetStakes, james07976, francine101125, aidens659, elizabeth11083, NURADABDU, isav902, mcqueen321, candy281, aleah23524, jcurtis2ohso914, kunw226, isaa353, whoareu, sandheart, kuler120710, adrian509, katyamasha, gabby101934, kartkingdom98814, VGIRLBBG, robatham, samtheman123973, jenay275, Guses12345, alexis6464, caleb123, supersport8, TEXT9909, naomimensah, R3P3XXP, bella8957, raquel219, Grahammc28

I know there are soooooooo many more of you that I haven’t even listed here!  Sorry if I missed your name here, but keep on looking!  (I’ll be back on Tuesday.)

By the way, have you figured out what The Run-around Gang is doing here? 


P.S. Help! The Covered Wagon Kart you got from Gus looks so weird, and where are the Yellow Star Wheels that were supposed to come with it?!?

Hold your horses, Everybody!  I’m running to another part of the Kingdom to find a mechanic QUICK!  I reckon we can have that fixed for you tomorrow!