Birthday Surprise #3 coming


Happy Cinco De Mayo and Welcome to Kart Kingdom’s 5th Birthday Extravaganza!  Over the whole month of May, we will be bringing you 5 fun surprises.  We’ve been listening and are working on so many things!

Birthday Surprise #1: 



Birthday Surprise #2: 

Things that move in Clanky! You found a ton of the things that move but not everything 🙂

Hint 1: Look at the picture at the top of this blog to figure it out!

Hint 2: Yes! A few of you figured it out and posted one of my surprises in the last day!  Also, more moving things coming soon!


Birthday Surprise #3: 

New Party Smilies!



Birthday Surprise #4: ?


Birthday Surprise #5: ?  (This is the big one.)


P.S.  Way to go on getting top billing on the leaderboard this week, infinitygold, chrismi1622 and Gwion!

P.S. As many of you know, I learn from you about where Kart Kingdom might be having glitches.  Thank you for telling me so we can fix them for you!