Spotted: POWERFUL9999


Hi Friends, Wow!!!  What a totally fun time we had with puppies this week!  I spotted POWERFUL9999 wearing a Corgi Kart in this picture! Did you see how many amazing drawings kids drew?  We have now picked the puppy rewards that you... read more

Puppy Day is 3/23!


Hi Friends, What a week!  Who is ready for a little fun? Nothing like puppies for that!  Did you know National Puppy Day is Monday and we have a whole bunch of puppy karts in Kart Kingdom? To get us... read more

They’re back!


Hi Friends, Word has gotten out that there are some tiny creatures running around the Kingdom.  Have you seen any yet? Put the secret code LUCKY into the Parts Trailer to get some really fun gear! I wonder what else you’ll find over... read more