Let’s have a parade!


Hi Friends, We decided to do the blog post this week a day early! Guess why?  It’s time to have a celebration parade!   Go to the Parts Trailer and enter the secret code WORLDCUP to celebrate the 2019 USA World Cup Champions! Then, drive your USA... read more

Happy July 4th, Everybody!


Hi Friends, This blog is coming a day early in honor of “bum bum bum” . . . the Independence Day Holiday!  Are you all set to celebrate July 4th with your friends and family?  I hope you have so much fun! ... read more

Next week – Summer Fun!


Hi Friends, Thank you for celebrating 50 summers since the USA landed on the moon! Boy, you worked so hard on your drawings and explanations of your moon rovers. You were curious, hardworking, problem-solvers that really tried to do something different.  Thank you for that! ... read more