Day 4: Chicken Island!

But how do I get down?

Ruff and Chet in blimp basket, looking out at Chicken Island.
SPY SOUNDS: Ruff sings the "Chicken Island" song!

Ah, Chicken Island! It looks so peaceful from up here. When in fact, once we're down there, we'll face danger at every turn!

Wait a minute: danger at EVERY turn? Really?

Hmm... I wonder if it's too late to turn back...

What am I saying? Charlene is counting on us. We CAN'T let her down!

Plus, you Spyhounds have worked so hard! Check out all the great Spy Sketches you sent in of me in disguise!

Okay, let's go! Except... if we just jump from this blimp, gravity is going to pull us down to the ground very quickly. Ouch.

You know, if you crack this code, I think we'll get a better answer.

Yep! Material, ropes, and the words "air resistance" mean that we're parachuting! When I'm wearing a parachute, gravity will pull me to the ground. But the air pushing back on the parachute -- air resistance -- will slow me down so I don't fall too fast.

So, Spyhounds, come back tomorrow to teach me how to build a parachute!

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