Day 2: Where is Spot Spotnik?

Help crack the code.

Ruff glaring angrily at photo of Spotnik he's holding. Frame befits an arch nemesis. Photo of Charlene is in the BG.
SPY SOUNDS: Ruff recites "GRRR!," his poem for Spot Spotnik.

Okay, we need to figure out where Spot Spotnik is hiding, AND how we're going to go get him.

However, there is one problem...

We need to crack this code! Spyhounds, it's up to you.

So, we're going to Chicken Island... in a blimp!

There's no time to lose. Chet and I need to gather our SPY GEAR! We need to pack our CLOTHES! We need to water our PLANT!

By this time tomorrow, we'll be floating high above the ocean on our way to Chicken Island!

Your messages: How to be a good spy

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