Day 1: Watch the Clip!

Will you answer Ruff's call for help?

Ruff gazing lovingly at photo of Charlene he's holding. Photo is in a lovely frame. Photo of Spotnik is in the BG.
SPY SOUNDS: Ruff recites "SIGH!," his poem for Charlene.

Friends, the Poodle Diamond is the most famous dog-shaped diamond in the world!

It's also Charlene's favorite jewel!

Ah... Charlene: the only poodle whose beauty is greater than that of the Poodle Diamond!

Which brings me to why I care...

I was going to ask Charlene out on a date to visit the diamond, but something awful has happened!

Watch this!

Charlene is heartbroken that the Poodle Diamond is missing. We have to make her happy again!

So, come back tomorrow, Spyhounds, and we'll start our mission. Our first task together: figure out where Spot Spotnik is hiding!

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