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Come Spy with Me

My doodles

Greetings, SPYHOUNDS!

There's still time to join us on our mission to defeat Spot Spotnick, retrieve the Poodle Diamond, and have a date with Charlene!

(Uh... actually, that date will be just me.)

(Uh... not JUST me, of course, since I'll be with Charlene, the most perfectest poodle in the world!)

(If it were JUST me, that would be a very lonely date, indeed.)

(Just wanted to clear that up.)

So, come join us as we travel to Chicken Island in a blimp, face large and powerful chickens, break codes, face tough challenges -- all in the name of thwarting Spot Spotnick.

Ooh, that guy really de-squeaks my squeaky toys!

Always fascinating, always entertaining, always…

Ruff Ruffman