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FETCH 3000 Attachments

My doodles

Just got the latest FETCH 3000 catalog. It lists all the attachments you can get for the FETCH 3000. Here are some I'd LOVE for my next birthday. (Hint, hint.)

  • Tummy Rub Master 3000
    Gives a perfect tummy rub at the touch of a button. Heaven!
  • Crossword Puzzle Helper
    Need a new one. Realized this when I typed in "Three-letter word for canine" and it suggested "platypus." Dogs are NOT platypusses! (Wait. Is that right? Platypi? Platypis?)
  • Ketchup De-Grosser
    Wipes off that weird sticky ketchup leftover-on-the-cap stuff. Eeech...
  • Chinese Takeout Container Leftover Extractor
    I always get food all over my face when I try to lick that laaaaaaaast bit from the bottom of the container. NOT a good look, especially if I'm trying to impress someone like, say (*ahem*) Charlene. So, if you're gonna get me only ONE attachment, this is it! (And if you're reading this, Charlene, I'm very sorry about your scarf. But in my defense, it DID look just like a napkin. Just send me the bill.)

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