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The Scoop: Life from my perspective
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Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me

My doodles
  1. The two anagrams of my name are RUFF FUN FARM and RUFF RAN MUFF.
  2. I can curl my tongue. Really! Here watch this. Let me get into position, and... thee? My tongue ith thirtainly-- OW. MY BACK! I thould have warmed up firtht...
  3. I once got shaving cream and whipped cream mixed up. Man, that was one TERRIBLE banana split. (On the plus side, my shave was extra sweet!)
  4. My favorite food is Chinese food! (Oh, wait. That should be on my OTHER list: "One Thing You Most Definitely Know About Me.")
  5. I can hold two -- count 'em TWO -- grapes in my mouth. Amazing!
  6. I dream in color! Unfortunately, that color is beige, so all of my dreams are really boring looking.
  7. Instead of "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman," at one point my show was going to be called "GO GET IT, BOY! GO GET IT! OH, GOOD BOY! WHO'S A GOOD BOY? WHOOOOOOOOO'S A GOOD BOY! with Ruff Ruffman." Thaaaat... would have been bad.

Always fascinating, always entertaining, always…

Ruff Ruffman