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Your parents always say, "Don't play with your food!" And your Mad Scientists always warn, "Don't play with robots!" But where's the fun in that? So I invented two new games involving Chinese food and robots. Go ahead and play, I say!

In Dish It Out, try to drop the Mysterious Dim Sum ball into the Chinese takeout container. But watch out! Those pesky ramps have to be tilted just so. (You didn't think I'd make it easy on you, did you?)

Want to build robots and run errands for me? Great! Robot R.O.V.E.R. is just the game for you. Make your deliveries quickly to get G Team Points! But you have to plan ahead: there's some rough terrain out there, and you do NOT want to be late. (Remember, you're delivering stuff for MY show!)

Good luck, FETCHers! Have a great time!

Always fascinating, always entertaining, always...

Ruff Ruffman