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The Scoop: Life from my perspective
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The Story Behind the Story

My doodles

The FETCH theme song describes how I became the host of a reality game show, and let me tell you, writing it was hard work. Why? Because my TV station wanted the theme song to be 25 seconds long. 25 seconds! My life story!

My first stab at the FETCH theme song was a little longer than 25 seconds. It came in at three hours.

I hired a German Opera Company to sing it. They sang it in German. We lost a little in the translation, but boy was it Peppy! And Toe-Tapping! Or...maybe not so much. And it took up a whole week's worth of FETCHes just to get through it. So I had to start over.

But hurray for blogs. Because now the full story can be known at last.

Part One:
Life was missing its mystique
My squeaky toys had lost their squeak

Did they actually lose their squeak, or is that just an expression, meaning "Nothing was fun anymore"? And the answer is: Yes, it's just an expression. HOWEVER, my honking novelty pencil had, in fact, lost ALL of its honk, and to this day, it's still a mystery why. Or...waitaminute...maybe it just needs new batteries. Hold on...let me just insert...ah yes, there we go. Oh honking pencil, how I missed you.

Ruff Ruffman