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The Scoop: Life from my perspective
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My Top 5 smells

My doodles
  1. sausage
  2. rotting fish
  3. wet dog
  4. cinnamon
  5. gravy

Oh hi! Ruff Ruffman here. Welcome to "The Scoop." This is where you'll get to know the REAL me! And not just as the host of the soon-to-be-wildly-popular TV show "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman." Oh, no, there's much more to me. SO much more.

For instance, my breakfast tends to be a half grapefruit, with a dash of yogurt. Then for lunch, a bag of cheeseburgers - to make up for my unsatisfying breakfast. I mean, a grapefruit? Come on! What kind of breakfast is that for the host of the soon-to-dominate-the-airwaves smash hit, "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman"? The answer: a terrible one!

Oh, yeah, and I sing in the shower. Mostly show tunes, and mostly at high volume. I used to play accordion in there, too, but the shampoo clogged up all the keys. Do you know how much replacement accordions cost? Too much! Even Ruff Ruffman, host of the soon-to-break-all-world-records-of-viewership "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman" has to draw the line someplace.

Anyway, there's a LOT more where this came from, so stay tuned!

Always fascinating, always entertaining, always...

Ruff Ruffman