Rubye smiling.

Meet Rubye Season 5

Rubye smiles.

Pet profile:

Rubye has five pets! Count 'em: a dog, a bird, a cat, and two fish. She even trained her dog Emma to beg on her hind legs! Okay dogs do not beg—we just whimper a little.


Rukanuba, Rubert, Rub-Rub, Rubsu, and Rubbie

Sibling status:

Rubye has an older sister.

Favorite foods:

One of Rubye's favorite things to eat are her grandmother's pickles. Mmm, nothing like home-pickled treats from Grandma.

Superhero persona:

Rubye would like to fly AND be in two places at once. Her top-secret superhero name? Rubye. She says, "I think my name would be unchanged so I would never have to hide my identity."


Nothing puzzles her! Rubye loves to solve Sudoku, Ken-Ken, and jigsaw puzzles. She also plays softball, field hockey, and even does yoga! Maybe I could give her some pointers on the Downward Dog pose...

Most favorite school subject:


Craziest thing she's ever done:

When Rubye was four, she snuck onto her roof! Don't try this at home, folks.

Invention she could live without:

TV, because you can always watch TV shows on the Internet. Ooh, she's tricky.

Special talent:

Well shuck my corn and make me some grits! Rubye can do an awesome Southern accent!