Marco smiling.

Meet Marco Season 5

Marco wears a fluffy gray wig.

Pet profile:

Marco has three dogs and four cats. He claims one of his dogs will eat anything! Okay, one liver and pineapple biscuit shake to go!

Sibling status:

Marco has an older sister, stepsister, and stepbrother.


Frongi, because it's part of his name

Food facts:

Some of his favorites are Italian wedding soup, his dad's pizza, and broccoli. But don't give him spicy food unless you have a fire extinguisher handy!


Video games, building things, skateboarding, acting, and listening to music

Special talents:

He can imitate actor Jimmy Stewart and a pig! Our Marco, such a ham.

Most favorite subjects:

Math and technology

Pet peeve:

Marco doesn't like people talking during a movie! Better not sit next to Chet, then.

Superhero persona:

Animal Man! That way, he could change into different animals. If you see a duck in Studio G, you'll know it's Marco.

Most proud of:

His performance as Marcellus in "The Music Man." He thought dancing and acting on stage was really cool.

Career goals:

Marco has something very special planned—he wants to be a special effects artist for Hollywood movies! But he'd also be happy as a director, actor, or video game programmer.