Marc smiling.

Meet Marc Season 5

Marc wears a floppy straw hat.

Pet profile:

Marc has two guinea pigs, two fish, and an 18-pound cat named Fluffy who likes to drink out of toilets. (Blossom would not approve.)

Most favorite subjects:

Language arts and math


One of his teachers started calling him "Marcski" and then all the kids at school did, too. Good thing he likes it!


Marc plays video games, collects comic books, surfs, swims, and likes to dance.

Future invention:

Marc wants to invent an inexpensive machine to filter seawater and turn it into drinkable water. Refreshing!

Special talents:

He once made twenty bucks just by telling a joke!

Food facts:

He doesn't like radishes and he doesn't eat cheese... so I guess cheese-covered radishes are out. So are snails—he tried them once and thought they were really gross.

Pet peeve:

He doesn't like people folding the pages of his books. Really? How can you not like something dog-eared!?

Career goals:

Marc wants to work in marketing. Hey, if the name fits...

Superhero persona:

Mega Marc! Combining super strength with the power to jump super high.

What you should know about him:

When he grows up, he wants to move to Transylvania! He also doesn't like sunlight or garlic. Hmmm...