Jay smiling.

Meet Jay Season 5

Jay smiles in hiking clothes.

Pet profile:

Jay's dog is named after rock star Lenny Kravitz! And his cat Mittens is named after... a pair of mittens. Naturally, only the pooch gets the rock-star treatment.

Most favorite subjects:

Computers, math, and science

Family matters:

Jay is an only child. He's also the godfather for his cousin's baby! Impressive.


Playing guitar, learning how to build Web sites, and sailing. Plus he's the lead singer in a rock band! Ooh, can I get an autograph?

Special talents:

Jay is a really good cook (even better than his mom, he says) with skills on the grill.

Bad habits:

His mom says he's messy and he agrees.

Most daring moment:

Ready for take-off! Jay knows how to fly small planes, and his most daring moment was when he flew one with his dad.

Food facts:

Jay really likes pizza, calzones, and Italian food. And he once ate a fruit-flavored star! Or wait, no—it was a starfruit! Much tastier.

Least favorite smell:

Wet dog. Hmpf. You know, the smell of wet Jay isn't so great, either!

Superhero persona:

Jay wishes he was Flying Electro Man! He'd provide the Earth with clean, unlimited energy—while flying.

Career goal:

Jay wants to be a rock star AND a pilot. That way, he could fly himself to all his rock shows!