Emmie smiling.

Meet Emmie Season 5

Emmie wears an apron with Ruff on it.

Pet profile:

Emmie has a dog named Biscuit who is an expert at the trick "paw." Biscuit whacks Emmie with her big furry paw, which is Biscuit-speak for "Hug and pet me, please." Awww. Emmie also has two cats, but they don't do any tricks (big surprise).

Most favorite subjects:

English, drama, and science


You already know it—Emmie! Her real name is Emeline.


Athletic Emmie plays soccer, squash, softball, and swims. She also loves to explore out in nature.

Special talents:

She likes to look for animal tracks in the woods! Rabbits, penguins—though penguins are a little harder.

Sibling status:

Emmie has a younger brother and an older sister.

Superhero persona:

Enviro-Girl! Her motto: "Helping us help the world." Emmie's superpower would be to get rid of harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, all while spreading awareness of global warming.

Favorite foods:

Emmie loves kiwis so much she eats their furry peels, too!

Future career:

Cheese farmer! Emmie got the idea when she visited her uncle in Vermont, a state known for its delicious cheese.

What you should know about her:

Hat's all, folks! Emmie won't go anywhere without her favorite hat.