Talia smiling.

Meet Talia Season 4

Talia wears a disco outfit.

Pet profile:

Talia doesn't have any pets right now, but she used to have sea monkeys, some fish, and a snail named Hector. But what she really wants is a lamb. I don't know, sounds like a baaaad idea to me.

Favorite subject:


Family facts:

Talia loves to travel with her mom, dad, and younger sister. So far, they've been to New York City and Maine together. Hey, that sounds like fun. Think there's room for a quiet, low-maintenance dog to tag along? Yes, I mean me!

Weirdest food:

Talia is the only FETCHer to have ever tried muhammara. No, it's not the latest dance craze – it's a spicy Syrian dip made of roasted peppers, walnuts, and breadcrumbs. And she liked it!

Career goals:

Author, director, composer, photographer, entrepreneur, and actress. Wow! I need a nap just thinking about all that.

Say what:

C'est vrai: Talia is learning to speak French.

Future world record title:

Ancient Author. She hopes to one day set a record for selling the most books in the world, and also for being the oldest person alive. Hey, that sure would give her a lot of time to write!

Unusual talents:

Talia has the nose that knows – she can sniff out practically anything! I asked her to help me find the liver and pineapple sandwich that I lost last week, and she did! Boy, that was not pretty. And by "not pretty" I mean smelly.

Passport plan:

France and Italy are Talia's top destinations because she thinks they sound interesting and beautiful. What, nothing about their awesome food? That's always part of my itinerary.

Must-have gadget:

Talia always makes time for her clock.