Sterling smiling.

Meet Sterling Season 4

Sterling wears goggles.

Pet profile:

Sterling doesn't have any pets, but if he did, it would be a fat fluffy cat named Fubby. A fat fluffy cat?! Uh... are you sure you don't want you know, a dog, maybe?

Favorite subjects:

Gym and Reading

Family facts:

Sterling has a mom and dad, plus a half-brother and sister who are a lot older than him. The best thing about his family: they never embarrass him! Really!? According to Sterling, "Yes, my parents are that cool."


Sterling's mom calls him Scoop, Whirl, and Coobay, and she likes to make up songs with his nicknames. Hmm... are you sure your parents never embarrass you?

Weirdest foods:

Sterling once ate octopus, eel, squid, and beef tongue in a single night! I wonder what he had for dessert?!

Must-have gadget:

Sterling couldn't boogie down without his portable music player.

Unusual talents:

This is one flexible kid! Sterling can put his legs behind his head, raise his eyebrows individually, and fold his tongue in the front and both sides simultaneously! Uh, but can he host a game show while sitting on the sofa?! Not as easy as it looks, is it?

Passport plan:

Sterling thinks Amsterdam sounds like a cool place to visit. Plus, he'd be stylin' in those Dutch wooden shoes

Future world record title:

Powdered Donut Champion. That's right – Sterling thinks he could eat the most powdered donuts in three minutes. Mmm, that gives me an idea...

Career goals:

When he grows up, Sterling wants to be a chef and a music producer. That way he can make beats and beets! Get it? Beets to eat and ... never mind.