Liza smiling.

Meet Liza Season 4

Liza smiles and holds prize ribbons.

Pet profile:

No regular, everyday pets for Liza, no way! Her animal friends are the frogs hopping around her backyard: Pork Chop, Lamb Chop, and Betty. She even trained Pork Chop to climb through one of her bracelets! Not bad, but that's still no match for a dog, if you ask me. Plus we're way less slimy. Well, except for the occasional bit of drool...

Favorite subjects:

Social Studies and Science

Family facts:

Liza has a mom, dad, two brothers, and one sister in her family. They do all kinds of outdoorsy things together like go skiing, ride bikes, and play sports. Wow! That's more action than the last ten Ruffman family reunions combined!

Career goals:

Actress and singer. Since she also writes her own plays, she could create a starring role for herself (and maybe one for her favorite orange game-show host)!

Passport plan:

Liza wants to go to Ireland, because that's where her mom's family comes from.

Smooth moves:

Liza says she's much more graceful when she dances than when she walks. Oh! So that's why she always foxtrots into Studio G

Favorite foods:

Liza loves pizza and bananas, though probably not banana pizza (sounds good to me though!). Her biggest favorite is her nana's cookies. I hear that! Grandma Ruffman makes a mean oatmeal raisin.

Must-have gadget:

It would megahertz if Liza lost her computer.

Future world record title:

Most Huggable. Liza wants to give the most hugs in a single day! Aww, I can help with that! Get over here!