Isaac smiling.

Meet Isaac Season 4

Isaac makes a silly face.

Pet profile:

Isaac has three dogs, and he taught one of them to dance like a ballerina! But, Isaac would be really embarrassed to do a ballerina act himself! He does a mean moonwalk into English class, though. Niiiice.

Favorite subjects:

Spanish, Math, and Science

Family facts:

Isaac has a mom and a dad (his mom used to be a cheerleader!) and one sister. He said he'd be really embarrassed to hug his parents in public. Come on Isaac, give them a H-U-G!

Favorite foods:

Don't mess with breakfast – Isaac loves all kinds of morning munchies. This adventurous eater has also tried squid. Hmm, perhaps he'd like my award-winning octo-omlet smoothie...

Say what:

Ask him a question, and he might answer you in Spanish, German, or sign language! But does he know how to speak cat?

Biggest adventure:

He and his dad once got lost on a hiking trail and had to find their way back in the dark! Big deal! With my canine super-senses, I am the master of nighttime navigation. Aaah! Who turned out the lights?! Blossom – that's not funny!

Passport plan:

Isaac wanted to visit Thailand ever since second grade. I hear they have noodles and dumplings on the menu over there – so I approve. Bring me back some take-out, would ya?

Pet peeve:

Isaac gets annoyed when people trail off in the middle of their sentences. I know, that really... What? Oh, sorry!

Must-have gadget:

He couldn't stay connected without his cell phone.

Future world record title:

Super Surgeon. He plans to be the youngest person to perform open-heart surgery all by himself. Paging Dr. Isaac!