Brian smiling.

Meet Brian Season 4

Brian smiles and holds a water bottle.

Pet profile:

Brian has a dog named Petza Boy who's 42 in dog years! Hey, it's not how old you are, but how old you feel after your third plate of dumplings, right? (And we feel great! Also stuffed.)

Favorite subject:

Social Studies

Family facts:

Brian lives with his two parents and his older sister, plus his aunt and uncle. He says his sister is super supportive and his biggest fan! Hmpf, that's more than I can say for Scruff.

Favorite foods:

Brian loves bacon, steak, and mac and cheese! But hold the garnish, please – cilantro and parsley make him green.

Future world record title:

Highest Bungee Jumper. Though he hasn't taken the plunge yet, Brian really wants to go bungee jumping and break the record for highest jump! Yikes, I'm dizzy just thinking about it!

Must-have gadget:

His TV. (For watching FETCH, of course...)

Passport plan:

Brian would choose Italy because it's got great food, super sights, and plus, his ancestors came from there! Ah yes, I remember my trip back to the old country to find my ancestors. But that's a story for another time.

Smooth moves:

Brian likes to dance, but he says he has two left feet unless there's some choreography he can follow. Hey, I can help – let me teach you "The Ruff." First, you wiggle your left paw. Then, you twirl your tail and... what? Oh right, no paws, no tail. Nevermind.

Career goals:

Slapshots, spotlights, and sawdust could all be in his future! Brian hopes to be a hockey player, an actor, or a contractor. Good to have a plan B like I do in case this whole game-show host thing doesn't work out – I'm thinking Smoothie salesman.