Bethany smiling.

Meet Bethany Season 4

Bethany strikes a fencing move.

Pet profile:

Bethany has three pets: a gecko, a snail, and a dog named Twix who's her best buddy (as always, the canine companion rises to the top).

Favorite subject:


Future world record title:

Best Karate Block Breaker. Bethany loves karate and hopes to someday break the world's biggest cement block with her bare hand. Impressive! At her age, all I wanted to do was fetch, nap, and wag my tail. Hmm, a nap... now there's an idea!

Family facts:

Bethany loves her huge family! Between her mom's eleven siblings and the three of her dad's, she claims she has 1,000,000 cousins! I'm still checking the math on that one...

Special talents:

Bethany can bait a fishing hook with a live worm! Plus she's an excellent singer. Hmmm... I challenge her to do both at once!

Favorite foods:

Bethany is an adventurous eater thanks to family from around the world. She loves sushi, Spanish rice, and southern food, plus she once chowed down on ostrich meat! Just don't give her anything mushy. She might karate kick it back at you. It gets messy.

Career goals:

Doctor, karate black belt, and published author! Ooh, I can just picture her memoir now: "How Dr. Bethany Hi-ya'd Her Way to the Top of the Best-Seller List."

Must-have gadget:

Nothing. Bethany is not bogged down by gadgets!

Passport plan:

France tops Bethany's list, both for the way it responsibly handles pollution and the way it awesomely handles,! Hey, who says you can't look marvelous while saving the planet?