Sammy smiling.

Meet Sammy Season 3

Sammy in a cowgirl outfit.

Pet profile:

Sammy has a dog named Lucie who can open doors. I don't see what's so amazing about that. But anyways... When Sammy's mom comes home she and Lucie like to howl together. Now that's a good way to relax after a long day.


Cheerleading, volleyball, dancing, acting, singing.

Unusual talents:

Sammy has a very long tongue with which she can touch her nose and her chin. Impressive! If you ask me, she must be part dog.

Likes to collect:

Sammy collects mini shampoos and conditioners that her dad brings back from hotels. If there's ever a world shampoo shortage I guess we know where to go!

Favorite foods:

She loves ice cream and whipped cream. (Maybe she'd love shaving cream too?) But she hates squash and grape jelly.

Weirdest food:

Sammy once ate a chocolate covered hot dog. We don't know why she ate it, but she did.


People call her Sammy the Spiller because she spills everything in sight. Just stay away from the Fetch 3000, Sammy!


Sammy has two little brothers and she admires her mom for all the amazing things she does. That reminds me of my mom and everything she used to do for the litter. I think I'm tearing up...

Most daring Moment:

When she went zipping a million feet over the forest in Costa Rica. Whoa, is that what they do there? Remind me to take Costa Rica off my list of places to visit. Phew.