Sam smiling.

Meet Sam Season 3

Sam in a shirt and tie.

Pet profile:

Besides his pet snake, Sam also has a dog who is not too bright. (Don't look at me, Sam said it first!) When you blow on him he goes crazy! What I want to know is what happens when the dog blows on Sam? Hmmm?


Playing drums, making movies with his friends, hip-hop dancing, basketball.

Likes to collect:

Sam has a collection of root beer bottles! I'm not sure how many he has exactly, but he must have drunk a lot of root beer to get them. I think I could give him a hand if he needs help next time...

Favorite foods:

Sam loves a classic club sandwich with bacon but he hates tomatoes. Go figure.

Weirdest food:

The strangest food Sam has ever eaten was the lining of a cow's stomach. He says it wasn't that bad. Gulp! You wouldn't chow down on the lining of a dog's stomach, now would you?


Sam's nickname is Allofallo because when he was little he would pretend he could speak Spanish and thought allofallo meant goodbye. He used to say it to his dad every day when he went to school. Now he knows that the real word for goodbye in Spanish is perro. No wait, is that right?


Sam says his family rocks! His dad is a great quarterback, his mom is awesome at tennis and his sister is an amazing gymnast. That's one talented family. And what's more, they never embarrass him, not ever! That's more than I can say for my dad. But I won't get into that now.