Noel smiling.

Meet Noel Season 3

Noel in a field.

Pet profile:

Noël used to have a pet hermit crab named Lemon Drop. It could climb ladders she made out of cardboard and slide down cardboard slides! But then it died of malnutrition when she went on vacation. Noël how could you let this happen? Poor, poor Lemon Drop.


Ballet, writing stories and poetry, drawing, knitting, origami, making movies.

Unusual talents:

Noël may not be a great singer but she's great at lipsyncing! She lipsyncs to CDs, radio, and even her sister! One day she might even make a great career out of it, plenty of other people have.

Favorite foods:

She loves omurice, bulgogi, and her mama's pasta but hates eggplant, mushrooms, steak, and any seafood. She also loves all kinds of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food. Ah, a girl after my own heart.

Weirdest food:

The most exotic food she's eaten is octopus sashimi. I wonder if she ate all eight tentacles or just a few.


Her nickname is Noëlli. That's because her aunt used to call her "Noëlli boëlli with a smelly belly which would make her mad. Uh, I hope that doesn't make her mad anymore or she's gonna have my tail on a plate!


Noël's family consists of her mom, dad, and two little sisters. She and her sisters do all kinds of things together like make movies, jewelry, and origami. That sounds fun, maybe I should get some sisters. How much do you think they cost?

Life goal:

She hopes to one day hold the world record for being the most flexible person in the world. She's well on her way because she's already very bendy. When she stretches some people actually think it's (ssshhh) grotesque. But you didn't hear that from me.