Jay smiling.

Meet Jay Season 3

Jay in his street performer outfit.

Pet profile:

Jay doesn't have a pet but he loves animals. He says he wants to have either a hedgehog or a dog. I don't know how hedgehogs could even be on the same level as dogs, but whatever.


Bass guitar, lacrosse, skiing, hacky sack, karate.

Unusual talents:

Jay has a black belt in karate. I don't think that belt holds his pants up too well, but I'm no expert on that. Especially considering that I don't usually wear belts. Or pants for that matter. But as I was saying - um, you might wanna stay on Jay's good side.

Favorite food:

Jay loves pasta, steak, sugar, and Cap'n Crunch. Just don't give him any Cuban black bean soup, red sauce, or raw tomatoes - he might break out some of his karate moves on you.

Weirdest food:

The strangest food he's ever eaten was calamari. Wait, is that even a strange food? Isn't that just some kind of pasta? You know, with cheese? No? Ohhh, this just in from Blossom: Calamari is apparently fried squid. Yes that's right, the kind with tentacles and ink. Well Jay, I hope you enjoyed it.


Jay has two parents and one brother. We know his parents have done something that embarassed him but he won't tell us what it was. That must mean it's something really juicy. Don't you worry, I'll get to the bottom of this.

Most daring moment:

The craziest thing he's done is skiing moguls and black diamond slopes! Doesn't that sound dangerous? Aren't those slopes slippery and stuff? Well, Jay's been skiing for 7 years so I guess he can handle it.