Harsha smiling.

Meet Harsha Season 3

Harsha at the beach.

Pet profile:

Harsha doesn't have a pet now but she used to have a hermit crab with a blue, purple, and pink polka-dotted shell. I think she may have drawn the polka dots on with a marker though because hermit crabs don't normally come like that. Do they?


Soccer, making up dances, speech team.

Unusual (non)talents:

Harsha has been diagnosed with a severe case of Jokeitis. Her symptoms are that she thinks of jokes all the time but when she has to tell them she blanks out. I don't think she's cut out for my line of work.

Favorite foods:

She loves ice cream, lychees, and fruit smoothes. She hates foods flavored with artificial cherries but she loves real cherries. I wonder how she feels about artificially flavored game show hosts.

Weirdest food:

The strangest thing Harsha's ever eaten is ants. I know, I know, that's what I said too. She doesn't really look like an anteater. But she says she ate them by accident. A likely story.


Her mom and dad are both scientists. Harsha and her sister are not scientists yet, but I think they might be soon. Harsha has a real knack for all this sciencey stuff. The rest of her extended family is in India so we're not sure if they're science people or not.

Most daring moment:

When Harsha was visiting India she rode on an elephant's back. She says it was so cool, but I'm not sure, it doesn't sound very sanitary. I think I'll stick with the recliner.