DJ smiling.

Meet DJ Season 3

DJ wearing sunglasses.

Pet profile:

DJ has a dog named Onyx who is playful and energetic. But he doesn't do any tricks. Maybe we'll have him on FETCH! next season so he can learn a thing or two.


Basketball, football, soccer, video games.

Unusual talents:

DJ can make his thumb touch the back of his hand. I wonder if he practices that or if it's pure natural talent. I'm sure I could do it too if I had opposable thumbs.

Likes to collect:

DJ has an awesome coin collection. He even has a buffalo nickel! Now all he needs to complete the set are a dog dime and a cat quarter.

Favorite foods:

He loves lobster, broccoli, and shrimp scampi but won't touch okra, beets, or tofu. And I don't blame him.


You guessed it, DJ is already his nickname. His first initial is D and his middle initial is J, and his mom loves music, so it's a match made in heaven. By the way, his non-nickname is Demetrius.


Besides his mom and dad, DJ also has four sisters in his family! And get this - they all like to sing. Maybe they should start a band together. They could be called DJ and the Woofers.

Life goal:

DJ hopes to one day make the world's largest pizza because he likes to cook and he can eat pizza all day. But seriously folks, he is a great cook - he can make a delicious steamed lobster and other seafood too! Yum.