TV Challenges
Season 3
  • Jay rescues inflatable Ruff.SHOW 1 : The Debut of Smell-o-Vision
    Two FETCHers track skunks and find out how to use chemistry to neutralize skunk spray while two others learn to "brave the waves" and become junior lifeguards.
  • Jay looks at the tower of cards.SHOW 2 : When Home is a House of Cards
    Ruff sends Sammy and Sam to the MSPCA to make a promotional video. Nicole and Jay meet up with a famous card stacker to build a tower of cards.
  • Noel dressed in fireman gear.SHOW 3 : Just Call Him "Spot"
    DJ, Jay, and Sam meet with a chemistry expert to learn how to fight stains and Ruff sends Noel to a fire academy so she can learn how to fight fires.
  • Noel, Sammy and DJ with the Ruff float.SHOW 4 : Mr. Ruffman Goes to Washington
    Ruff sends Sam to a high-level meeting with Senator Ted Kennedy. Meanwhile Noel, Sammy and DJ are challenged to design a float for Ruff's political campaign!
  • DJ looking suspicious in his spy outfit.SHOW 5 : Mission Improbable
    Ruff sends the FETCHers to Washington D.C. for training to become secret agents.
  • DJ, Harsha Sam mixing sand on the beach.SHOW 6 : How Not to Impress a Poodle's Mother
    Sam, Harsha and DJ work on sand sculpture at the beach while Jay learns about hair and beauty at a salon.
  • Sammy shopping for produce.SHOW 7 : There's Food Safety and Then There's Food Safety
    Ruff sends Harsha, Noel and Sam to build a foolproof structure that can protect a tortilla chip and Grandma Ruffman's cake. Sammy visits Spanish Harlem in New York City.
  • Sammy and DJ square dancing.SHOW 8 : Do-Se-Dos and Do-Se-Don'ts
    Sammy and DJ learn how to square dance while Harsha and Jay learn about gorillas and their habitat at the zoo.
  • FETCHers deciphering a rebus clue.SHOW 9 : The DogVinci Code
    Ruff's Uncle MacRuffmantosh is back, and there's no time to waste — a new mystery must be solved and the FETCHers are on the case!
  • Harsha riding a horse.SHOW 10 : What's Bugging Ruff
    Noel, Sammy and Jay are dispatched to Thompson Island where they learn about insects and their habitats while Harsha learns about powwows in New Mexico.
  • Jay gets ready to juggle clubs.SHOW 11 : Will They Like the Show? It's a Shoe-In!
    DJ and Sammy head to a sneaker company to design and build more functional footwear while Jay and Sam learn the art of street performing.
  • Noel and Harsha sing in costumes.SHOW 12 : Socket To Me
    Sam and Sammy work on helping Ruff decrease his electricity consumption while Harsha and Noel get singing lessons and have to perform...LIVE!
  • Noel and Jay dressed as elves.SHOW 13 : Dog of the Rings
    Ruff decides to send all the FETCHers, dressed as Elves, Dwarves and Wizards, on a mythic Live Action Role Playing mission!
  • Sammy and Jay in snorkel masks with the treasure.SHOW 14 : Arrgh—All Me Eggs are Cracked!
    Sammy and Jay go to the Florida Keys to search the ocean floor for a Ruffman family treasure and Harsha and Sam's challenge is to work at a grocery store and compete in a grocery-bagging showdown.
  • Noel and DJ herding sheep.SHOW 15 : Feeling Sheepish, Ruff?
    Ruff sends two FETCHers to learn to herd sheep, and two more to Utah where they learn about bighorn sheep and their habitat.
  • DJ with his dog Onyx.SHOW 16 : I'll Ruff & I'll Ruff & I'll Blow Your House Down
    Ruff sends DJ out to a dog obedience school to become an expert trainer while Noel, Sammy and Jay go to an engineering school to construct a new home for Chet.
  • Harsha and DJ in the courtroom.SHOW 17 : The People vs. Grandma Ruffman
    Grandma's accused of trying to break Ruff's twin, Scruff Ruffman, out of prison! The FETCHers try the case with help from real lawyers in a real courtroom with a real judge.
  • Noels hands dripping with goop.SHOW 18 : Just Toying with Ruff
    Harsha and Sammy become radio reporters and do a news piece on Brian Freeze while Noel and DJ invent a new Ruff Ruffman toy.
  • Harsha and DJ playing hockey.SHOW 19 : The Ol' Switcheroo
    Ruff sends Harsha and DJ out to engineer a "puck stopper" that he can use as goalie in a game with Scruff's hockey team. Meanwhile, Jay and Noel trade places for a day.
  • Ruff keeping a secret.SHOW 20 : FETCH! with Scruff Ruffman
    Ruff's twin brother Scruff has taken over FETCH! Scruff devises a series of elimination games that take place in a variety of Ruff and Scruff's important childhood haunts. And once again, is Ruff stuck without a Grand Prize?!?

Tune in next time to FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman to see what happens next!