Willie smiling.

Meet Willie Season 2

Willie smiling

Pet profile:

Willie has a fluffy bunny named Cocoa. He's also the proud owner of some chickens, ducks, and four geese: Joey, Cutie, Chewy, and Frisky. He tried training them to come to him. For a while it worked, but now, they just bite him. Maybe he should change their names to Jaws, Chompy, Chewy, and Fangy.

Most daring moment:

Riding the Silver Bullet roller coaster. It went super fast! Ooh... a super-fast roller coaster? I'm getting woozy just thinking about it.

Favorite thing to cook:

His favorite things to bake are grasshopper pie and blueberry grunt. I'm sorry... what? Blueberry grunt? And Grasshopper pie? They say DOGS eat strange things.

Sibling status:

An older brother, a younger brother, and a little sister

Most favorite subject:


Future career:

Electrical or chemical engineer. Willie loves taking things apart to see how they work. Now I've got someone to call when the FETCH 3000 acts up! (Although, I hope Willie can put things back together again, too.)

What you should know about him:

Willie plays the piano, and he's a member of his school's Physical Education Leadership Program, Hmm... that physical education thing will come in handy if he ever has to move his piano!