Rosario smiling.

Meet Rosario Season 2

Rosario the sailor.

Pet profile:

Rosario once had a dog named Penny, but he had to give her away. He says she's in a better home now, but... but... oh, that's very sad, isn't it. I'm welling up. Ooh, I don't want anyone to see me like this. Does anyone have a hanky?

Most daring moment:

Rosario and a friend walked through nine acres of land in his backyard looking for old gravesites. They got lost for hours, and finally came out just down the street from his house. And just to make things spookier, they say that on nights just like tonight, when the moon is full, you can hear the howling of... aaaah! I'm scaring myself!

Sibling status:

Two adult sisters and two adult brothers. Rosario already has a niece and nephew. Say Uncle!

Unusual talents:

Rosario can make realistic frog noises with his throat. CROAK! And this works out great because I know a frog that makes realistic Rosario noises.

Superhero persona:

"Wind Walker" Rosario would like the power of wind. He thinks it would be "so cool to control something so powerful." I kinda feel that way about my biceps. What!?

Most favorite subject:


Future career:

Lights, camera, action! Rosario wants to be a performer or filmmaker. He admires actor Denzel Washington and film director M. Night Shyamalan. I must say, Rosario came to the right place! Maybe I'll let him in on some show biz secrets, straight from the master of entertainment himself! (Uh... that means me, in case I wasn't clear...)

What you should know about him:

Rosario is serious about acting. He's the host of a talk show called "Kids Talk." He also likes to make short movies and writes books. Oh (sniff.) he makes me so proud. He's like a little me. Without the glasses... And he's not orange... Or a dog.