Nina smiling.

Meet Nina Season 2

Nina wearing a colonial costume.

Pet profile:

Nina has a cat named Nacho who likes to hide in boxes, drawers, and places you'd never look. Hey, here's an idea: if the cat's hiding, LET HIM STAY HIDDEN! Why spoil a good thing? (Ahem. I mean, a good nap. Why spoil a good nap?) Nina says she wants a dog, but doesn't think Nacho would take it well. Ah, so often the young have their priorities all wrong...

Most favorite subject:


Pet peeves:

Nina gets annoyed when people continue to talk, especially when she's trying hard to interrupt them. I'll remind her of that if she ever shushes me when I'm trying to interrupt her.

Superhero persona:

"Birdwoman" soars over Batman! Nina wants to be able to fly, because she could see the world from a new perspective. Better her than me. I prefer my world-view closer to the ground!

Sibling status:

An older sister

Life-changing moment:

When Nina was in India and saw so many homeless people. It made her want to end homelessness.

Future career:

Nina would like to be a lawyer, since she thinks she's good at arguing her point. I told her she wasn't good at arguing, but then she gave me TEN reasons why she IS good at arguing. What could I do? I gave in: she's good at arguing!

What you should know about her:

Nina thought of a way to feed everyone in the world: create a shrink rocket that shrinks people but leaves all food the normal size. Just imagine: mountains of giant Kung Pao Chicken! (Sigh.) This way the existing food supply would be enough to feed the whole world. Oh, and you might not have guessed that she's the youngest FETCHer yet and she's already performed in Carnegie Hall! Our little prodigy.