Mike smiling.

Meet Mike Season 2

Mike ready to play some baseball.

Pet profile:

Mike has a goldfish, but if he could have another pet, it would be a dog or hamster. Come on: a dog or a hamster? No contest! A hamster's just a squeaky toy that eats food! As for dogs, we're M.B.F. (Man's Best Friend!)

Most daring moment:

When Mike went into the woods near his house and spotted a... garter snake. Whew! For a second there, I thought he was going to say "giant cat"! Warning: Unlike cats, some snakes are poisonous, and should NEVER be touched, held, or tickled!

Superhero persona:

"Electric Fire Guy" at your service! Mike would like to have the powers of electricity and fire. As a bonus, just in case Mike sets something on fire by accident, he could call his firefighter Dad to put it out. It's always good to have a plan B when you're a superhero.

Sibling status:

A younger sister and brother

Most favorite subject:


Something embarrassing:

Mike would be really, really embarrassed if his mom dyed her hair blond. But red-orange? Very chic! Plus, here's a "Ruff's Fashion Tip": for an extra shiny coat, try medicated flea and tick shampoos with aloe. (Not that we know anyone with fleas, of course.)

What you should know about him:

Mike can do cool tricks with his Chinese yo-yo, and he does gymnastics. He also plays basketball, and would love to be a starting point guard for the NBA. Plus he speaks Chinese, AND cooks a mean rice pilaf! Oh, the talent!