Madi smiling.

Meet Madi Season 2

Madi with headphones on.

Pet profile:

Madi, an equal-opportunity animal lover, lives with a dog Harley a cat (Figaro), and a turtle (Sammy). She's also wild about puppies. What's not to love? They grow up to be dogs! (Unlike some kittens I could mention...)

Most daring moment:

Madi went swimming with sharks. She says she "almost had a heart attack!" No kidding. Hey, wait a minute: sharks can't get into your bathtub, can they? Hmm... I wonder if the FETCH 3000 has a shark repellent module?

What you should know about her:

Madi is a superior dog trainer! (It's really all about training the humans.) She also speaks Hebrew, cheerleads, and writes poetry. Madi says going to sleep-away camp helped her grow up.

Sibling status:

An older sister and a younger brother

Most favorite subject:

Social Studies or Art

Superhero persona:

"FETCH! Girl" Madi says as FETCH! Girl she'd have amazing powers like flying abilities and "superstrongness." Wait a minute: is "superstrongness" even a word? I'm not sure. Anybody out there got a super dictionary?

Future career:

Veterinarian or a celebrity. Or perhaps my favorite: celebrity veterinarian! I love them! They don't just give you a checkup; they give you a checkup while looking FABULOUS! Madi's favorite celebrities include Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney, and Alexis Bleidel.