Khalil smiling.

Meet Khalil Season 1

Khalil wearing goggles.

Pet profile:

Khalil has no pets at the moment. He used to have some goldfish.


Khalil is called "Waterhead." A friend at school thought of the name and now other friends joke about it too.

Sibling status:

Khalil has an older brother who is 28-years old.

Record-breaking skills:

Khalil hopes to set a world record for juggling. Right now he's working on juggling three small balls-still a long way off from competing with current record holders who can juggle with their feet!

Unique talents:

Khalil can make numerous weird funny sounds and voices. He can beat-box and do Stitch impressions.

Age Status:

Khalil is the youngest of all the FETCH! contestants.


Khalil would like to be introduced to Raven Symone because he likes her show almost as much as Ruff's.

Future career:

Actor. Khalil is a big fan of Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey. Someday he might star in his own talk show or music video.