TV Challenges
Season 1
  • Ruff looking at model planets.SHOW 1 : 3-2-1 Blast-Off!
    Time is ticking as Ruff scrambles to get everything together before his show debuts.
  • Julia and Khalil holding hands in a partner dance.SHOW 2 : Good Dancing and Bad Teeth
    Ruff wants to groove with the poodle next door but is horrified when she tells him he's got halitosis.
  • Anna with Hip Hop artist, Wyatt.SHOW 3 : How to Get out Your Inner Hip Hop
    Ruff is super hungry. He's incinerated his daily ration of kibble, doesn't have leftover Chinese food, and finally resorts to eating... doggy toys?!
  • Ruff with a kite and Brian and Noah outside.SHOW 4 : Cats? I Thought You Said Kites!
    Ruff is excited because he thinks today's show is all about kites, until he gets a phone call from his boss and finds out that CATS are coming.
  • All the FETCHers walking away in their colonial clothing.SHOW 5 : Ye Olde Colonial Episode
    Losing power in the doghouse gives Ruff "the most brilliant idea in the history of television!" Ruff's bright idea results in a trip back in time when people lived without TV!
  • Noah holding camcorder.SHOW 6 : Saturday Night with a Slight Fever
    Ruff's celebrity guest is a no-show, but it's not long before he finds replacements. He invites some stylin' senior citizens to feature in his music video.
  • Ruff in a bumble bee costume.SHOW 7 : To Bee Or Not To Bee
    Ruff has bees on the brain and sends some FETCHers to learn beekeeping. Meanwhile two lucky FETCHers learn windsurfing from champion, Nevin Sayer.
  • Khalil, Noah, and Taylor sampling food.SHOW 8 : B.L.T. for Breakfast?
    Ruff sends one team of FETCHers out to invent a new flavor of ice cream while Brian solos as a short order cook at a local diner.
  • FETCHers walking to a darkened door.SHOW 9 : The Mystery of the Missing Thing in the Haunted Castle
    Ruff tells the kids about the legend of his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Ruffael, who lived in a house haunted by ghost cats.
  • Anna and Noah with carpenter, Norm Abram, in a workshop.SHOW 10 : This Old...Lemonade Stand
    Low on cash, Ruff and the FETCHers decide to sell lemonade. They build a fantastic lemonade stand with the help of master carpenter, Norm Abram.
  • Taylor pointing to a picture of a weather forecast.SHOW 11 : It's Raining Cats and Dogs
    Ruff, in an artistic mood, sends some FETCHers to help plan and paint a mural for a local pizzeria. Meanwhile, Taylor keeps her eyes on the skies and learns to forecast the weather.
  • Julia and Khalil in a raft.SHOW 12 : That Doesn't Float My Boat
    Ruff's doghouse is flooded, but this unfortunate event inspires a new show challenge. Ruff sends some FETCHers off to build an unsinkable boat made of junk. Can they bail him out?
  • Julia and Anna outside launching water balloons.SHOW 13 : Send in the Clowns
    Ruff plans on getting back at the Great Spotinsky, the circus dog responsible for cheating him out of his dream job. He sends Brian to create the "Ultimate Weapon of Revenge!"
  • Khalil holding a microphone.SHOW 14 : Grandma Ruffman's Recipe for Success
    Grandma Ruffman wants Ruff to sell her cookbooks on his show. She invites the FETCHers to cook her recipes on a farm and sends Khalil on a wacky mission to learn stand-up comedy.
  • Brian and Taylor in chef hats and aprons, eating.SHOW 15 : Tryin' Chef
    When Ruff's owner brings home a "doggy bag" consisting of one measly dinner roll, Ruff decides it's time to kick the cuisine up a notch. Can the FETCHers make food to meet his new standards?
  • Taylor being kissed by a seal.SHOW 16 : Don't Put the Kart before the Sea Lion
    Ruff is having trouble learning to drive, but Julia finds out from a junior go-karter how to help him out of his doggy driving dilemma. Meanwhile, Taylor hangs with some sea lions.
  • Brian on a roller coaster.SHOW 17 : Relaxin' with Ruff
    The stress of running a TV show will no longer get to Ruff as he sneaks away to a spa with the FETCHers. But these adventurers don't stay there long, and it's off to the roller coasters!
  • Noah knee boarding over water.SHOW 18 : Scat Cat, Scat
    A team of FETCHers learns to track all types of wild animals as Noah takes up the challenge of kneeboarding.
  • The FETCHers in blue astronaut training jumpsuits.SHOW 19 : Ruff Ruffman Spaces Out
    Ruff's communication satellite is in desperate need of repair. He'd fix it himself, but instead sends the FETCHers to Space Camp to train them for their galactic voyage.
  • Ruff covering his mouth.SHOW 20 : The Dogcathalon Finale
    The Great Dane of all episodes is here! In this season finale, Ruff must award the grand prize and crown the FETCH! GRAND CHAMPION.

Tune in next time to FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman to see what happens next!