Brian smiling.

Meet Brian Season 1

Brian playing an electric guitar.

Pet profile:

Brian has a red-haired, freckled Jack Russell Terrier (he fits in perfectly with Brian's freckled family) and a lazy cat that won't even "meow."

Pet peeves:

People who throw ketchup. Brian once got in a water balloon fight with his parents after they threw ketchup-filled balloons at his friends.

Sibling status:

Brian has a 10-year old sister.


Brian can speak English and some French. Brian says: Je mange des pommes de terre.

Unique talents:

Brian is good at rolling down grassy hills, playing hockey and stickball, and devouring his dad's pancakes.

Scared of:

Brian is scared of the dentist's office. He explains: "You walk in, you smell that smell, you want to just run right back outside! It smells like fear."


Brian has freckles on his scalp!

Future career:

Brian wants to be a tall FBI agent.