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  • Ten Four! It's Season 5
    Ruff's latest podcast follows his new career path as a trucker. And although he's got the trucker lingo down, his truck driving leaves a lot to be desired!
  • Ruff Talks to NASA!
    Ruff lands an interview with Stephanie Wilson, a real NASA astronaut! Ruff learns everything you need to know about becoming an astronaut... except how to fit into his flight suit.
  • The What-Should-Ruff-Get-His-Grandma-for-Her-Birthday-Because-Her-Birthday's-Today-and-He-Forgot-to-Get-Her-Something Radio Show
    Ruff forgot to get Grandma Ruffman a birthday present, so he hosts his own radio talk show to ask for gift ideas. Ruff's cousin, Bluff, and his brother, Scruff, call the show and have some interesting birthday ideas.
  • The Ruff Ruffman Clothing Collection
    Helga wants Ruff to model clothing for a photo shoot in Europe. He'll just need to find a way to get there... and avoid any giant squids along the way.
  • Hot Diggity Dog
    Ruff's latest podcast features Ruff and Scruff performing the new hit musical "Hot Diggity Dog" - but Ruff ends up getting a bit more than he bargained for in the performance.
  • Rock 'em, Sock 'em
    Ruff takes us "behind the scenes" for a look at how he comes up with the fabulous games for his show and Web site. But perhaps hiring Uncle MacRuffmantosh as new chief game developer wasn't such a great idea after all.
  • Glen's Video Game Review
    Ruff's nephew Glen offers his expert opinion on Germinator, the exciting video-game journey into the body's immune system. Will he find it infectious?
  • Ruff Goes to England
    Ruff produces an audio travel diary about his trip to England to perform in a big concert. But is he ready for the spotlight?
  • Ruff's New Job: Moose Finder
    Ruff's new career as a Moose Finder isn't going well. Will working as a Mouse Finder be a better fit?
  • Ruffman Audio Books Presents...
    Ruff produces an audio book recording of his memoirs, but has second thoughts when he assigns Chet to do the sound effects.
  • Holiday Podcast
    Ruff is feeling blue since he was fired as host of FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman. Murray convinces him to sing some holiday songs to cheer up. Can holiday cheer actually cheer up Ruff?
  • Audition Podcast
    Ruff needs to spread the word—auditions for FETCH! are coming soon! But since he's just been fired, Ruff has to start going on auditions himself... Hey, what's this ad about being on a reality game show?
  • Ruff's HOWLoween Podcast
    Ruff and his friends are getting ready for Halloween. But what manner of scariness will they encounter in Studio G's dark, spooky basement when they go down there for one last item?
  • The Zombie Effect... Starting September 29th
    Ruff needs everybody to know that new episodes of FETCH begin on September 29th, but he spent all his advertising budget on DVDs. Ruff realizes that there's only one answer... zombies?!
  • Ruff Needs YOU!
    The next season of FETCH! starts in September and Ruff can't think of any good ideas for the show. He needs your help and a better rocket launcher. Watch FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman on PBS KIDS GO!
  • Ruff's Big Beautiful Bunch of Birds Show
    Ruff takes us on a tour of the melodious springtime twitterings of backyard birds with the "help" of Grandma Ruffman's parrot, Jerry Geranium.
  • DJ Ruff Boogie Hour
    DJ Ruff Ruffman spins the hottest tunes this side of the fire hydrant. Ouch!
  • Look Ma, No Script!
    The illustrious Ruff Ruffman is caught without a script. Luckily, his trusty intern, Blossom, saves the day! Sort of...
  • Extreme Podcast!
    Ruff Ruffman gets extreme with his third podcast but surprise guest, Grandma Ruffman, takes it to the limit.
  • Podcast in the Morning
    To promote the second season of FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, Ruff attempts to host his own morning talk show. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Podcast With a W
    Ruff Ruffman attempts to record his first ever podcast announcing the premiere of FETCH!'s second season

More podcasts coming soon!

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