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Gianna but you can call me Gigi, age 7, writes:

Can you read minds? At least 50%?

Ruff but you can call me Ruff replies:

Yes, I can! See, like, in THIS case, I KNEW you were going to write me — but I thought you were going to write me NEXT week. See? I'm right half the time!

Elsa, age 6, writes:


Ruff replies:

yEs, tHIs SAuCE iS rEALLy DelICIoUs! bUT It dRIpS ONtO tHe KeyBoARD, ANd nOw MY TYpinG iS ALL wEiRd!

Isabella, age 6, writes:

I like your hair so much.

Ruff replies:

I believe you mean my FUR, Isabella — and yes, I really like it, too! I speak from experience. I once had a fur-trimming "incident," and it was right before school picture day! Believe me, NOBODY wanted to buy those pictures. So, I like my fur right where it is!

Kaylee, age 7, writes:

I want to know if texting is safe when riding a bike or driving a bus?

Ruff replies:

Great question, Kaylee! And the answer is: no matter what you're driving, trying to text at the same time is very dangerous. Drive now, text later!

Nate, age 7, writes:

What is the difference between distracted driving and driving?

Ruff replies:

It's like the difference between paying attention and answering your question, or being distracted and... wait, is that my phone ringing? Hang on a sec.

Areesh, age 10, writes:

Say! Do you use video chatting to chat with your friends?

Ruff replies:

I do! But make sure to REMEMBER IT'S A VIDEO CHAT. People do NOT want to see you in your bath towel, eating leftover Chinese food. (Uh... not that that ever happened to me...)

Buddy, age 9, writes:

Do you know why people are so distracted these days on their iPods, phones, iPads, etc.?

Ruff replies:

People are distracted by these devices because they are fun! You can play games on them, and learn things, and connect with friends! It's only when people use them TOO much — especially while driving — that it becomes a problem.

Zach, age 5, writes:

What are your favorite pajamas?

Ruff replies:

Zach, my favorite pajamas have baby pandas on them. They're SO cute — but in a way that's appropriate for a Humble Media Genius, of course. (*ahem*)

Carmen, age 10, writes:

What is safe to write on the internet?

Ruff replies:

Great question, Carmen. There are two basic rules. ONE: never post personal information (your full name, your home address) unless you know it's on a secure site. TWO: never post ANYTHING you wouldn't want EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to see (because once you write something, who knows where it will end up).

Awesome Bunny, age 10, writes:

Can my parents call while driving? And can you text or email at stoplights?

Ruff replies:

My first email from a bunny! That IS awesome! Thanks, Awesome Bunny! Using a phone hands-free while driving is okay (although NOT using your phone at all is even better). Texting or emailing at stoplights is NOT okay. Even though you're stopped, the driver should be paying attention to what's around, like other cars, and pedestrians.

EHI, age 10, writes:

I think you are doing the right thing. Being distracted while driving is putting your life at risk, and if driving with something their life is at risk, too!

Ruff replies:

EHI, I couldn't have said it better myself!

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