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Privacy and You!

Go behind the scenes of our privacy video.
Picture of Ruff with phone

We Can See You!

You may think that being on a small device, where only you can see the screen, means that what youеre doing is private. But sometimes what you say, see, or write can be seen by other people online. You need to learn how to keep your private stuff private if you want to stay safe on the internet.

Picture of Ruff with phone


It's best to put a password on your phone. It could be a special word or set of numbers that other people а even your friends а don't know. (But you CAN share it with your parents.) That way you can keep what's on your phone to yourself.

Picture of Ruff with phone

Accidental Sharing!

Keep your friends' information private, too. Ruff would have accidentally shared his friends' phone numbers with everyone if he'd put this photo on the internet.

Picture of Blossom and Grandma

Don't be Mean! (bonus scene)

Keeping your feelings private can be important, too. Don't say anything online that might hurt someone's feelings if they found out about it later. Private comments sometimes get shared. In our video, Ruff said something about Chet looking like a potato. It was just a silly joke, but it made Chet feel bad when he heard about it.

Picture of Ruff with phone


If you get a message on your phone but you donеt know who sent it, just ignore it. If the message came from your family or a friend, you would probably know the number. If the message was from someone you know, but you DON'T know their number, the message should say who sent it.

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