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Parents’ Guide to Texting!

In Ruff's video "Texting and You!", he explores some of the many aspects of the messages we send to each other. Watch it with your kids and then encourage them to take the Texting quiz.
Here's a handy guide to help you talk about this video.
Picture of Ruff texting

Emoticons & Emojis!

Most texting apps allow you to add fun pictures. This can be a creative way to make messages. There are even games to be played where you have to guess a phrase which is just made of pictures.

If you have kids who are learning to read or write, using pictures may be a useful way to let them text with you.

Picture of Ruff texting

Regular Updates!

Encourage your kids to give you regular updates especially if they travel by themselves or spend time home alone.

Picture of Ruff texting

Auto Incorrect!

Big misunderstandings can blow up from simple typos or auto-corrections. We should all check our texts before we send them.

A general rule is to make sure no-one is hurting someone else's feelings - so kids should check their texts before sending.

Picture of Ruff with texting acronyms


Plenty of web sites explain all these shorthand phrases. It's probably worth you learning a few yourself. K?

Picture of Ruff texting in shower


Ruff learns some limits to his constant updates. Electronic devices don't like water, being dropped or being close to magnets. If your kid has a cell phone, invest in a protective case.

Check reviews online first as many of the ones that kids gravitate to have great pictures on them but are often not very strong.

Picture of Ruff texting

Be Polite

People treat texts like conversation, and nobody likes to be left hanging with an empty silence. A quick reply keeps everyone in the loop!

Kids often feel that they have been ignored by friends if they haven't returned their messages. Remind them that it's often because they've put down their phone or are out of juice.

Picture of Ruff demonstrating a phone

Hang Up!

Ruff knows when the texting should stop. Set up some rules like, "No Texting During Dinner." Kids follow your lead, so you have to be good role models here too!

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