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Parents’ Guide to Technology!

In Ruff's introductory video "Technology and You!," he explores some of the many ideas that arise when we think about our kids' technology and media use. Watch it with your kids and then encourage them to take the Technology quiz.
Here's a handy guide to help you talk about this video. In our other videos we explore some of these in more detail.
Picture of Ruff with a pile of devices

Too Much Tech!

It's great to give kids full access to a world of technology. Try to make sure they know how it all works so they can get the most from it all. And they should also try not to make friends feel bad if they don't have as much.

Picture of Ruff listening to music

Discover Music!

Streaming services like Pandora and even YouTube are a great way to discover new music with your kids. Show them songs that you liked when you were their age!

Picture of Ruff reading paper map


We can now explore maps and satellite views of the entire planet. There are even "street views" of the Great Barrier reef, the Grand Canyon and many of the world's most exciting landmarks. Try these!

Picture of trapeze after Ruff has fallen


Ruff falls from his trapeze when he tries to text. Model for your kids how to not be distracted, especially when you're driving!

Picture of Ruff using a GPS


If you have GPS when you drive, show your kids and have them learn how to use it. It's an incredible tool. Use the maps to help them learn how to read a paper map too!

Picture of a splash


This whole episode is about finding balance, and knowing when to turn off and look up. Be a model for your kids: they really do look up to you and copy you. If you're always on a screen, they will be too.

Picture of Chet playing video games

Game Over!

Games can be very addicting. Sometimes that's good as you can lose yourself in another world of imagination. But kids (and some grown-ups) need help in knowing when to stop. Establish some limits to screen time with your kids.

Picture of Ruff sharing images of himself


We live in an incredible age, with the world at our fingertips. If your kid has access to the internet, they have access to almost all of the world's knowledge. Help them explore, create, discover and share: they and you will be all the better for it!

But that's not all! We took a survey and discovered what parents love about technology and some surprising applications that have inspired their kids. They also share a few pitfalls but also some great ways to connect with family.

Here's one quick tip: make sure you get a good data plan as kids will always use more data than you think is humanly possible!

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