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Parents’ Guide to Search!

In Ruff's video "Searching and You!", he explores some of the many aspects of search engines. Although sites like Google and Bing offer many kinds of services, we have focused here on how to search. Watch it with your kids and then encourage them to take the Searching quiz: it explores tactics for getting a better search and much more!
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Picture of Ruff as a detective

Detective Skills

This video focuses kids on using search engines as if they were detectives.

Picture of Ruff and Blossom at a computer

Cats vs. Dogs!

In this first comedy sketch we look at authorship and bias and we show kids some of the ways to discover who made a site. Many kids take everything they find online as fact. Let them know that a lot of what they find may be opinion and not facts.

Picture of Ruff's closet

How Search Works!

In the first part of the next sketch we explain how search engines work, by constantly indexing every page they can find. In our video, Chet explores Ruff's closet and can remember where everything is.

Picture of Chet with a traffic cone

Refine Your Search!

Chet correctly finds a cone but Ruff refines his search to add that he wants an ice cream cone, not a traffic cone. This models how kids should search to get more relevant or useful results when they search.

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