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Parents’ Guide to Photography!

Portable devices now allow us to take photos and share them easily. In Ruff's video "Photos and You!", he explores some of the many aspects of photography, both good and bad. Watch it with your kids and then encourage them to take the Photos quiz: it explores many of the ups and downs of sharing photos.
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Picture of Ruff taking selfie


We ease into the Photos topic by showing Ruff's selfie collection. Selfies are actually a great way to let your kids show their interests and activities. Make sure you keep them to look at in years to come! But be careful that your kids aren't showing off too much or over-sharing.

Picture of Chet photographing food

The Perils of Sharing Photos!

Many of our comedy vignettes are actually based on real life issues. This sketch shows Chet sharing his photos. He doesn't realize that he is also sharing private information about where he lives.

Help your kids understand their privacy settings to make photo sharing both fun and safe!

Picture of Ruff with a flower

Nature Calls!

In this sketch, Ruff shows that taking photos lets you see things that may otherwise be unseen — like a plant growing. Cameras allow for many science observations like this one.

Ruff's pals at Plum Landing even built a free app to let even the youngest kids become citizen-scientists.

Picture of Ruff taking photos

Photo Scavenger Hunt

There are lots of educational games to be played with cameras. Ruff and Blossom show us one that involves looking for letters. This TedX explores the topic a little further.

Picture of Ruff texting

Photo Messages

Our last sketch shows Ruff keeping in touch with his grandma by sending a photo. If your kids have phones, encourage them to share their photos with their family.

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