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Another Parents’ Guide to the Internet!

In our video "Getting the Most from the Internet!", Ruff sings about all the great things you can do online. Watch the video with your kids, and decide if he does the same things that you all do when you use the internet.
Picture of Ruff singing with Chet

"Getting the Most from the Internet"

This song looks at the big picture: shopping, looking for information, making and sharing.

Picture of Ruff singing

"The Internet's a Bandit"

This one is about funny cat videos. Which is your favorite cat video?

Picture of Ruff with TV

"So Much to Learn"

The internet is great for discovering how to do things. Count how many of the sixteen things in this video you already know how to do. Maybe you could use the internet to discover how to do the rest!

Picture of Ruff texting

"Keep in Touch"

This one is all about staying in touch with friends and family. Do you use the internet to do that?

Picture of Ruff with selfies

"The Ruff Inside"

This one is all about Ruff's favorite topic: Ruff! Lots of us post pictures of ourselves online to share with friends. Do you think that's a good thing?

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