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Parents’ Guide to Ads Video

In our video "Say? Cheese!", Ruff discovers the world of online advertising. Watch the video with your kids, and spend time online together to see where you can find advertising.
Picture of Ruff, Chet and Blossom

It Starts With Something to Sell!

Ruff and his friends have made perfume. Now they need to let people know about it.

Picture of Chet

Foot Traffic!

Ruff starts by placing an ad in his window. You often see these kinds of ads in the windows of stores and coffee shops. But only a few people ever see these ads.

Picture of Ruff, Chet and Blossom

Big Problems!

People who make lots of things need to find ways to tell lots of people about what they have. Ruff has so many bottles to sell, he needs to find a way to tell lots of people about his products.

Picture of Blossom

The Internet!

Blossom suggests that they put ads on the internet to reach lots of people. That way they can sell the perfume and make some money.

Picture of Chet with perfume

Making an Ad!

They make an ad to put online. Because you can't show smells in an ad, they create a cool ad that basically says: if you buy this perfume, you will be cool, too, just like everyone in this ad.

Picture of Chet surrounded by ads

Ads Everywhere!

They put ads all over the internet, as well as on the sides of buses, on billboards, and even on a plane. That means lots of people will see the ad, although it doesn't mean everyone that everyone who sees it will want to buy the perfume.

Picture of Ruff, Chet, Blossom and Grandma


Grandma is one of many people who was very unhappy about having these ads all over the websites she goes to.

Picture of Blossom

Targets can Be Better!

They finally realize that putting the ads on a few specific sites is the best way to get the message out. So they spent their ad money trying to show the ads to whoever might like cheesy perfume: mice!

Picture of Ruff covered in mice


The ads worked! By putting the ads only on websites for mice, people like Grandma will be happy. And so are the mice!

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