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Technology and You!

Go behind the scenes of our technology video.
Picture of Ruff with a pile of devices

Too Much Tech!

It's great to give to have a world filled with technology. Try to make sure you know how it all works so you can get the most from it all. And try not to make friends feel bad if they don't have as much as you do!

Picture of Ruff listening to music

Discover Music!

If you are taking a long trip by car, try making a family playlist where everyone gets to choose some of their favorite songs!

Picture of Ruff reading paper map


We can now explore maps and satellite views of the entire planet. There are even "street views" of the Great Barrier reef, the Grand Canyon and many of the world's most exciting landmarks. Try these!

Picture of trapeze after Ruff has fallen


Ruff falls from his trapeze when he tries to text. Don't try to text when you are doing other things, and tell your parents to not text when they're driving!

Picture of Ruff using a GPS


If you have GPS when you drive, see if you can learn how to use it. It's an incredible tool.

Picture of a splash


This whole episode is about finding balance, and knowing when to turn off and look up. Enjoy some No-Screens time!

Picture of Chet playing video games

Game Over!

Games can be very addicting. Sometimes that's good, as you can lose yourself in another world of imagination. But don't let them take over!

Picture of Ruff sharing images of himself


You live in an incredible age, with the world at your fingertips. Sit down with your family to discover it together!

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